The Fifth Civilization has been discovered. Humans and

aliens are related to each other. Five years after first contact,

however, the  homeworld of the Fifth Civilization is in danger.

The militaristic Kotarans control the planet, and a cartel

called the Quad Company exploits the planet's resources.

An Earth official named Kazumi Koda travels to the world

intending to end abuse of the natives. She also hopes to find

the missing alien scientist David, in hopes he can help end abuse.

A shadowy conspiracy follows Kazumi as she travels into the planet's wild interior. They also want to find David, for he may know the secrets  of the planet's half-destroyed moon, Ultima Meridian. On Ultima Meridian, the rumors say, one can uncover the answer to why all life exists.

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Mike O'Malley is a cold-blooded killer. On September 11, 2001, he does a terrible deed for mysterious powers and slinks into the shadows with his reward. But a chance meeting with a figure from his past forces him to confront his demons.

the fifth civilization

ultima meridian


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Available on Kindle or in paperback here.

Available on paperback and Kindle.

Peter Bingham-Pankratz


Available on Kindle here.

​​A sci-fi novel of mystery. Of danger. Of wonder.

In the 26th century, mankind has made contact with three other alien species. In the midst of galactic tension, a scientist discovers that the theory of panspermia may be true: that life as we know it was seeded by a passing comet.

The scientists enlists his friend, freighter pilot Nick Roan, to transport him to the comet's supposed origin. Roan thinks the story is bull...until the scientist is murdered.

Pursued by a maniacal alien commander who wants the glory of the discovery for himself, Roan hitches a ride on his ex-lover’s freighter and embarks on a quest to answer the age-old question: where did we come from?